A Letter to my Daughter

This past Saturday was my daughter’s 5th birthday. I don’t know about you, but since my children were born, I count my years by their birthdays rather than my own.  She turned 5 and although I am so happy for her, I am also a bit sad that my one baby girl is growing more independent.  My one wish for her as a girl growing into a woman is to have a happy, fulfilling life quantified by love, laughter and respect.  And it’s true, she will become what is modeled for her. So, I try so hard to be the best woman I can be, for her and her life to come. I wrote this letter for her…some of it she may not fully grasp just yet, but when I believe it to be the right time, I will give it to her. I’ve always said photography was a professional and personal endeavor for me…and this is the personal part. I’m happy to share it 🙂

Dearest Molly,

Happy birthday to my sweet girl. I can’t believe you are 5 years old today. I remember with the sweetest memories the second you were born. The moment I saw your beautiful face I cried. I met my girl, my little me, my angel.

Dear angel, my love for you is constant. It is never ending. I love you infinity, like numbers, there is no end. You are turning 5 yet you seem so much older. You have always been so mature…your thoughts, your love for life, your questions, your smiles, your zest. You bring such life to me.

I remember Grandma Claudia telling me about the day I was born with such happiness on her face.  She told me she remembered it vividly and cried at the exact moment she held me for the first time. I knew suddenly exactly what she felt the moment they placed you in my arms. I am beyond blessed to have you, you are my gift and I am blessed you chose me as your mommy.

The world is a beautiful place and I want you to experience it all. I want you to realize the love and beauty that will follow you down your chosen path.  Sometimes the path will get tricky and you may not know the best road to choose. I will be here and I will guide you. I will always be here.

I will be here to cheer you on

To dry the tears

To laugh at your knock-knock jokes

To cook with you

To eat carrots with you

To sleep with you and rest with you

To tickle you, and play candy land with you

To make your eggs in a bowl

To give you candy

To put on Sofia

To kiss your boo-boos

To pick out dresses with you and get our nails done together

To find pants that don’t bother you

I will be here to show you the right path

To fill your bucket

To mend your broken heart

To protect you, to shower you, to hold you

To teach you

To pray with you,

And read with you.

I will guide you and listen to you and honor your choices.

That’s my promise sweet girl.

I love you infinity…and more.




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