About Kristin


Who I Am

Hello! I am a photographer, teacher, and mom to three children who don’t seem to stop getting older! I know, shocking right? I think that is why I do what I do, because I wish I could stop time…and the closest I can get to that is doing it with photographs. A few things about me:

  • The people closest to me would probably describe me as extremely organized, easy-going and spontaneous!
  • Everyone has a few quirks, right?! Mine would be that I HATE emptying the junk out of the bottom of the kitchen sink…ugh it’s the worst. And yes, I do need a garbage disposal. 🙂
  • What makes me Me….well I would say it’s the way I find the silver lining in almost everything. It’s not always easy to do but I do it and model that for my children.

Why I Do What I Do

I do this because I am a sucker for motherhood. It is the most difficult yet fulfilling role we will ever have as a woman. I do it because I understand the burdens we place on ourselves as mothers. But those burdens and self-doubts dissolve when my moms see their images. They know they are doing it right and for the love of their children. Very often, my moms and clients become my friends. We understand each other, are in the same exact moment in time and can thoroughly relate to each other’s struggles.

My Story

When my first child was born, I fully grasped the circle of life and suddenly felt the need to capture every moment. Life was now fleeting. I couldn’t fathom how someday this would all be a faint memory.  There a passion was born. Taking photographs became a way for me to seize the moment. And it did just that.


Featured Session chosen by  NAPCP 2016

Article for Photography Spark 2015

Meet the Photographer NAPCP 2015

Article for BeLovely You 2015

Jubilate Featured Photographer NAPCP 2015

Life Unstill Photography, Denver Colorado 2014


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I believe in creating images that leave an imprint on our hearts. When we see a truly beautiful image it leaves us breathless and we feel the emotion in the photograph. My true purpose is creating these types of images for my families bringing them to life. I love people and love seeing them smile. That is my purpose, to create smiles through photographs.


-I am extremely meticulous!
-Traveling is what I love most.
-When I'm not photographing, you can find me reading or spending time with my little ones.
-Nothing beats dinners home with my family.
-Creating a work/life balance is a work in progress for me!

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