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New babies are one of the most precious things in life. When planning for a new little one, you find the safest car seat, research the safest feeding practices, and make sure the crib is up to the latest and safest standards. When booking a newborn photographer, you should have the same safety procedures in mind. Beautiful pictures are great but, with newborns, safety should always be the top priority.

Prioritizing Safety

You’ve probably seen some of the “Pinterest fails” of newborn photography. The baby stacked on top of adoring siblings or in the back of the little Tonka truck that didn’t go quite as planned. It makes for a funny comparison. But you should always seek out a professional newborn photographer for those important milestones. Not only will your photos come out better…but more importantly, an experienced photographer will always make your baby’s safety their first priority.

Safety Steps

A lot of the staple newborn photos you see are actually composites. Meaning it takes two or more pictures layered together to make the final product. The baby is always supported, with a hand on them to ensure they are comfortable, safe, and not at risk of falling. You’ll also want to be sure your photographer washes and sanitizes properly. Make sure that any clothing or props that will come in contact with your baby’s sensitive new skin are sanitized adequately.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the techniques and procedures used. That way you’ll feel confident your baby is being handled with the utmost care. A good photographer will strive to get the pictures that are important to you. But they should also tell you if there are any that won’t work because they aren’t comfortable doing them, or because the baby won’t cooperate at the time.

Keep in mind babies don’t sleep, smile, or pose on command. So at times it just comes down to their temperament. Do your research, talk to potential photographers, and ask around for personal experiences before making your decision. In the end, you’ll not only have beautiful photos of your sweet new baby, but you’ll be confident in knowing safety was the top priority and your precious cargo was handled with care.

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Are you looking for the Chicago Best Newborn Photography? Take a peek at these tips to ensure your photographer practices safety newborn photography techniques.

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