Chicago Family Photographer 2014 “A Moment to Remember Contest”

2014 was a wonderful year. I appreciate all my families and wanted to do something for them and pay it forward. I decided to create a giveaway where each family had the opportunity to share their favorite image from our session together. I also asked them to tell me why it was their favorite. I was so moved by many of these stories.  Below is each family’s story. Thank you all!


The Saltarelli Family

I love this image because it perfectly captures the personality of my middle child Mason. He just couldn’t resist secretly swiping some icing from his big brother’s birthday cake. It looks like he enjoyed it!


The Laksanaprom Family

Although I am in love with every image of our little Mila, I chose this picture because I love to stare at her little face.  It amazes me that we created this little person and I can’t imagine our lives without her. My husband and I had a long journey before we were blessed with Mila, but it’s a journey I would do over and over again if I had to.  I feel like because we struggled to conceive it’s made us appreciate everything a little more.  This picture is by far my favorite! It helps me get through a long day at work when I’m away from her.  Thank you so much for capturing it!


The Niles Family

The attached picture is our absolute favorite from our summer shoot celebrating Antonia’s first birthday!
This picture is a candid shot and every time I look at it, it reminds me of our neighborhood park we love.  We have been going to this park even before Antonia was born day-dreaming about what it would be like to one day take her there.  This picture captures us perfectly!  We always bring the blanket from the photo to the park (its from Antonia’s grandpa) and she is always pointing out things that interest her.  I love the smiles we all have in the photo and that we are just out in our park having fun like we always do.
Another reason we absolutely love this photo is that most people have professional photos with an artificial/fake background.  Not us!!  The background of our picture is almost as important as the people in it because we love the park and have such great memories of taking our daughter there from the day she was born.
The Dubin Family
This is my favorite picture you’ve captured of our girls.  You were able to capture the essence of what sisters are: the perfect princess tea party mates!  Love it!
The Ninni Family
 My husband and I have been together for 17 years!!! Multiple degrees, certifications, career advancements, home ownership, and three beautiful children later, this is picture captures the beauty of our marriage!!! For us, marriage is about two whole people joining as one with deepest love and committment. It takes dedication, time, effort, pain, sorrow, sometimes anger, saddness, and pure from the purest joy! I love James from the absolute depths of my heart and I know he loves me this way too.   This picture is also the divine God and Carmela LoVallo, my late Grandmother, showing in their miraculous way that the heart, the symbol of love is alive and present in our marriage. Just look at the heart in the clouds!!! Thank you for this wonderful picture.  We love you!!
The Wilke Family

This is my favorite photo from our session in August of 2014. This image captures how I see my beautiful son when I look at him. I see the baby who was so serious and approached the world around him with wonderment after studying the how and why of things. The toddler who loved trucks and was shy around others. A child who loved playing legos and building forts with his brother. A teenager who has a good head on his shoulders and thinks of the consequences before he makes a decision, a hard worker who is dedicated to his sport. And I see the man he is about to become. The one who will be successful in whatever he sets his mind to and who will make a great husband/father. I see what others see-the calm, the collected, the even keel… but I see his soft gooey inside too. That soft gooey inside that allows this “man” to tell his mom he loves her everyday and hugs her when he walks by. The kid that still crawls into bed with his parents just to talk. This senior portrait of my child captures the essence of who he was, who he is and who he is about to become. I love this photo!




The Gardner Family

This is my favorite because I see such joy in the picture: All three kids skipping down a beautiful path, with my youngest trying to keep up with his big sisters.  The framing of the shot, the color tone and the editing are just right. It is artistic and beautiful!


The Honeycutt Family

I chose this photo of Mia yawning because it reminds me of just how innocent and new she is. Every little move she makes, even yawning is amazing to me. She’s so precious, I’m blessed she’s mine.




The Richards Family

There are so many reasons why I absolutely LOVE this photo. The main reason that I love this photo is because, I am NEVER in the photo. I take a ton of photos of my kids….TONS, just ask them and they will you. Photography has become a hobby of mine, and I’m constantly playing around and snapping pictures. And this works out great. I end up with great photos of my favorite subjects! I scrapbook, blog, and share photos with the grandparents and everyone is happy. But, the problem is that I am always behind the lens and never in front of it. I know that I need to make an effort and get in the photo because one day that will be very important. I want my kids to know that I was there and that I cared enough.
Thank you, Kristin for capturing this moment.
The Fuller Family
Our favorite photo from our session was the action shot of Ellie and Devon jumping off the couch together into the pillows. Not many photographers are willing to work with active children. We love the photo so much because it is so light-hearted and shows off our children’s personalities so authentically!
The Azim Family
I chose this image because I love the moment you caught with Eden, it just shows the purity and innocence of a child.  Oh I also love Eden’s cute belly!  So beautiful, thanks for the memory!
The Dhepyasuean Family
I just love this photo.   You absolutely captured Emmit’s spirit…the twinkle in his eye and his fun loving personality.   It amazes me that he was laying on concrete….a true testament to your keen photographer eye.
The McDonald Family
I love this photo because it makes me want to look for opportunities to see the world through their eyes. Life’s better that way…thanks for taking that moment!
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