Giving Up Being Perfect

Moms are often the ones who plan and prepare for their family’s photo shoot. Because I have done it for our own family, I know firsthand the preparation that goes into getting ready. And it is not easy. I have done it for our family for years. And for a while there I used to stress about it. Their outfits, their unruly hair, are they going to do as I say, and what new treat was I going to dangle in front of them for the next hour? It was fairly stressful. Like the kind of stress associated with getting ready and out of the house for Thanksgiving dinner…or Christmas for that matter.

One year, as I prepared for our yearly shoot, the same thoughts started to take over. It was then that I decided I was not going to fall prey to this any longer. For that shoot, we were going to dress like us, we were going to act however we wanted, and I promised myself this time, it was going to be different. I gave up on stressing about being “perfect”….and looking “perfect” as we took our photos. That is NOT what a photo session is supposed to be about. And if it is…it was no longer for me.

It was the best decision I made. I (almost instantly) realized that my kids were more photogenic, more agreeable, and HAPPIER! Hence, creating the most amazing photos. That day I created my style and I have been photographing like that ever since. With that said, this is how I plan my professional photo shoots and the moms I work with are relieved and amazed at how beautiful their images are. No more stress…and no more stress about planning, prepping, and making things “perfect”.

My style is not the typical “posed” portrait. And it’s not meant to be. I emphasize details, I look for the special moments, and pay attention to favorite toys, fingers, toes and eyes. My style is natural and instinctive and that’s exactly how I encourage my families to come to the shoot…natural and themselves. It’s quite incredible how this fosters beautiful images because it’s the opposite of probably every photo shoot you may have ever done.

So, this time it will be different, your family will have actually had fun, and result in gorgeous images you’ll smile at every time you look at them.

Here’s the 5 of us…



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