How to Choose A Newborn Photographer

Having a baby is an incredibly life changing and beautiful event! The split second your baby is born your life has changed forever. There will not be many other times in your life from this moment on where choosing the right photographer will be so important. Here are the most important details to consider and how to choose a newborn photographer.

Consider their Portfolio

Each photographer has a significantly different style. Have you thought about your vision for your newborn images? It is a very personal decision and often not the first item new soon-to-be-moms think of. Carefully look at each photographer’s portfolio. Are the images artfully composed? Is the focus on the baby? Are there any distracting elements in the images? Does the photographer include parents and siblings in the images? You should instantly “feel” drawn to a certain photographer and their style. Choose what feels is right to you. These photos will be part of your family for years and generations to come.

Consider Safety

Safety is the absolute most important aspect in newborn photography. Trendy poses can be nice but are they done safely? How important are trendy poses? Do they feel natural to you? Ask yourself if the babies in the images you see look comfortable. (They should!) And be sure to find out if your photographer is insured for this specialization of photography.

Consider their Professionalism

Find out if the photographer you are considering belongs to trusted professional organizations. Have they taken newborn photography workshops? What kinds of professional affiliations, accreditation and training does the photographer have? Does the photographer you are considering respond quickly and are they willing to incorporate your ideas and wishes?

Consider Your Experience

Does your newborn photographer set aside time with you in advance to discuss the details of the session and ask about your vision? How well do they listen? Does the photographer offer a Welcome or Session Guide to prepare you for the session and what to expect. Also contemplate what the ordering process is like. Does the photographer assist you in making your selections and design decisions or do you order on your own without assistance?

Consider the Investment

Custom newborn photography is a beautiful thing. You are about to experience one of the most magnificent and blessed events in your life.  You will want to remember this time and commemorate it. And you will likely want to choose a photographer that offers products and not just digital files. Do they offer a line of unique products? Do they provide albums or wall art, perhaps keepsake items? After giving birth and enduring weeks of sleepless nights, you will be too exhausted (rightfully so!) to do beautiful things with your baby’s photographs. So you will be inclined to have those products created for you and delivered to your doorstep.


Considering these factors when choosing a newborn photographer is critical to your baby’s safety, having a stress free and enjoyable session, and knowing that you are taken care of above and beyond what another photographer can offer.

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How to choose a newborn photograher. 7 day old newborn girl photographed at the Kristin Milito Photography studio

Chicago Newborn Photography| Sweet Evvy at 7 days is swaddled in an organic wrap paired with a delicate head band.


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