Baby Juliet is just a couple weeks old, but she is already surrounded by unimaginable love and warmth. She is baby number three in this beautiful family, and I have a feeling she’s going to love every minute of it. Her older sister is seven years old, and she has the biggest heart! She already knows what it is like to be a big sister since her brother is not quite two yet, and she’s so nurturing, gentle, and helpful. Juliet’s brother, on the other hand, is always full of surprises and loves to be the life of the party. I’m sure he will keep her smiling and giggling with his big, adorable personality. Mom says Juliet is already the most laid-back baby of the three, just going with the flow and mastering the newborn duties of eating and sleeping. No doubt, these three will be quite a team, and I’m sure there will never be a dull moment.

They are the most beautiful children. They are returning clients, and it is always a pleasure seeing them in my studio. I know these kiddos mean the world to Mom, so I always enjoy capturing some special memoirs of their growth in all of these special milestone years. As usual, the kids did great in this session, too. It’s easy to see that they are already so in love with their new baby sister as they hugged on her and gently cradled her tiny head. Juliet looked so comfortable and peaceful surrounded by her family. She may not be able to understand yet, but she definitely knows who her “people” are. She recognizes the touch of those who love her most.

I am so excited to give them new portraits to hang on their walls and in Juliet’s sweet pink and sage-green nursery! Adding new photos from year to year is always a fun way for parents to document the memories and changes as their families grow.

Welcome to the world, beautiful baby girl! 

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