Little Heroes | Livi

Look at this little beauty and her handsome big brother! These two siblings are such a dynamic duo as they’ve already experienced so much together in their first few years. Sweet Livi was diagnosed with CHARGE, a syndrome that presents extra medical and developmental challenges after birth. But that diagnosis didn’t seem to faze Livi in the least. She’s already powered through several surgeries as a baby better than most of us could as adults. She has the most vibrant, happy personality, and her optimism allows her to take on the world in full confidence.

About This Family

Her parents, Brendan and Kristin, spearheaded an organization at Lurie’s Children’s Hospital to help other families in similar situations where children need a wide-range of care from diverse groups of doctors. Check out Livi’s story and learn more about their organization at Livi’s very own blog and website! #LiviStrong

I love all that this family stands for (especially Livi), and I’m contributing to their upcoming fundraiser on April 6th to raise awareness and support for not just Livi but all families walking through similar journeys. In addition to donating, I want to dedicate this post to Livi and her older brother, William.

During this shoot, it was adorably obvious that these two are just like any other siblings. Yes, they may get on each other’s nerves at times, but they are also best friends. William makes Livi laugh like no one else can, and she brings out the sweetest, silliest side in him. They were so much fun to photograph! I had a hard time choosing the right photos to post because they were all so good! One of my favorites is of Livi looking over her shoulder at her brother like she’s about to do something hilarious or get into some mischief with him. I had a blast watching these two light up my studio, and I can’t wait to support them at the fundraiser!

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