My New Friend Stella

This week I wanted to share one of my new absolute favorite places that has added quite a bit of value in my life. The weather has been quite a tease hasn’t it? One day it’s in the 50s, the next we are back into the 20s. Really, haven’t we all been punished long enough during this Chicago winter? Yet, as we do this unfavorable dance with Mother Nature, I’m reminded of how much I look forward to updating my closet for spring every year. I really can’t wait for maxi dresses, flip flops, and eating outdoors again on balmy summer nights (this year with a screaming 22 month old, of course…but nonetheless).

Over the years, I learned the hard way that it is much easier to buy your favorite pieces ahead of time than to wait until it is already gorgeous outside and you’re hightailing it to your basement to find last year’s clothes. That’s never fun, or exciting, and it’s actually fairly irritating. So, in preparation for the upcoming change in seasons, I’m ready to go out and shop!

And shop, and shop, and shop! (In the meantime, I won’t be going out of my way to show my husband this week’s blog. Or credit card statement. Smiley face inserted here of course!)

Attempting to update my closet is never easy, especially with 3 kids under 6. I mean, I definitely can’t take them with me for this kind of trip. And even if I don’t have them hanging on my ankles in the store, with Kix cereal covering the floor of the dressing room, will I even have enough time to try everything on? I have taken two of them with me, as you’ll see below. These pictures were actually taken outside of her store in the fall. I call them Mr. Miserable and Ms. Mischief. You might even have a few of them yourself.

Yet, I have found the perfect store. Really. There is a fabulous, boutique-like, woman’s retail store in The Glen in Glenview and it is fairly new. It is called Stella 315 and the owner, Stella, is super sweet and extremely helpful. Honestly, it is one of the only places I shop right now. When someone asks me where I got this or that…the answer is pretty much the same. It’s from Stella’s.

Stella 315 has everything you need and all of it is very well priced. You can find jeans…great fitting jeans I might add. (And this is coming from the girl who in her 20s spent ridiculous amounts of money at the blue jeans bar in Lincoln Park). Tops, blouses, clothes for date night, dresses for weddings or a community benefit, and my fave…clothes to feel gorgeous in while still “momming it” out and about all day, every day. I always leave with a great scarf or a gorgeous necklace and bracelet to top it off. It’s just perfect, quick, easy, and affordable. My mom even shops there too. Stella’s offers great clothes, service and quite a selection. For lots of ages.

So the next time you are looking for a one stop shop, limited on time, want personalized service, and affordable gorgeous clothes, I definitely recommend Stella 315. For an easy reference here is the information for the store:

Have fun shopping…maybe I will even see you there! Cheers!


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