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Chicago Baby Photographer

Week 19 | Sunset

The sunset from the windows of our home on the second story are incredible. This is how I always want to remember them.

Week 18 | Floral

Week 17 | Freelensing

Freelensing is a technique used by photographers where the lens is not mounted on the camera body and held by hand in front of the sensor. Tilting the lens as you photograph can produce some incredibly surreal images through light leaking through the sensor and tilted focus. Here’s 2 of my images 🙂

Week 16 | Freedom

I absolutely love airports. I love them because it is the only place you can go that can take you to the rest of the world.

Week 15 | Quiet

Week 14 | Love

I love this image SO darn much and he loves his cookies. So darn much. 🙂

Week 13 | Solitude

Catching your child reading by flashlight is not only comforting because you can see they love to read. It also makes for a GREAT contrast-y image.

Week 12 | Break the Rules

I often find the most visually pleasing images are the ones with the foreground and background being out of focus. In this image I purposely did not focus on his eyes. Instead, I allowed the focus to get the front of his hair razor sharp. I think it gives this image a dreamy look. 🙂


Week 11 | Night

Week 10 | Reflections

Week 9 | Shapes

This may just be my all time favorite image. I saw the light through the blinds and knew I had something special to capture.

Week 8 | Same But Different

Dishes are filled to the top of a kitchen sink.

This one is my fave!

Week 7 | Black and White

Children jumping on bed in front of window.

These little cuties had no problem jumping for me when I said “go”!

Week 6 | Abandoned

I am a little behind here to say the least! But these weekly themes have provided incredible ways to see the world around me. Abandoned, I thought was easy…an abandoned old train station, a field at dusk. But the task of photographing that which you have in your mind versus what you are capable of photographing between carpool rides is a little different. This was taken on the way back from taking my son to a hockey skills practice in Chicago. He knows the drill, for hockey and for photography. We talk about what I am shooting for and we drive around until I find it. Luckily, he is just as curious as I am.

The Chicago streetlamps light a dark, abandoned parking lot at night.

The surprisingly beautiful street lamps light a dark and abandoned Chicago parking lot.


Week 1 | Gratitude

I knew that I wanted to grow. I seem to always want to grow. As a Chicago newborn photographer, I am always thinking about the future (not carpe diem like I should be) but in a way, thinking about the future prepares me for my next goal, my next obstacle, my next challenge. I think of my children, of whom only one of them are school aged…yet I still think about when they will be teenagers. My husband tells me not to look so far into the future, don’t presume, yet my instinct and ability to prepare for what’s to come allows me to be ready. For them, and for me. And I feel better that way. It soothes the uneasiness of how quickly time passes.

And so, I decided to forge ahead with a 365 day project where I shoot for 10 minutes or more every-day-of-the-year. Yep, every day. Will I plan ahead? Perhaps. But right now I have some loose weekly themes to keep me focused.

Today is Day 1/365 Week 1. This is my darling and this week my focus is to capture gratitude. I will definitely post one picture from each week here. However, every image from the 365 picture will be on Facebook. See it here. As always, thank you again for all of your shares and likes!

Instead of posting 365 pictures…I am going to post 52. One themed image for every week. Excited to share this journey with with you!


Week 2 | Bokeh

My daughter’s violin. I absolutely love how this image resonates with her style and beauty. 


Week 3 | Music

When the world is chaotic and busy and your worries grow deep, a toddler can turn them around in seconds. Just watch him dance.

Chicago baby photographer


Week 4 | Cake

Yes, this one goes a bit between the lines. It is not cake…but rather Sauv Blanc from Cupcake Winery 🙂


Week 5 | Low light

I love how the light from my boys’ bedroom fills the room on a cloudy day. I opened the curtain of only one window and put him in the direction of the light. Yes I did place him there…but I let him choose the book. 🙂

Lifestyle photograph of child reading in his bedroom with natural light.




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