Chicago North Shore Baby Photography | Harper’s One Year Session

I love being a baby photographer. Each stage and milestone has it’s beautiful, charming, and hilarious moments. Newborns, sweet and sleepy as they are, inevitably have diaper dilemmas right at the funniest moments, usually giving me a chance to capture a “smile.” Meanwhile, six-month-olds always crack me up as they learn the art of sitting. They take in the world with bright eyes, excited to see everything from a new view, all the while fighting to stay upright. But one-year-olds are just so darn cute. The leg rolls and chubby cheeks are at their peak at this age, and you can’t help but want kiss them. They also display the funniest facial expressions in attempts to communicate. I love them all, and capturing these sweet moments for parents fuels my passion for childhood photography.

When baby Harper came into my studio, she had all the cuteness going on: her adorably squishy legs paired with a precious pink tutu, a delicate floral headband to complement her beautiful face, and the sweetest smile that could melt any heart. I had a blast photographing this little one.

At first, she just wanted to explore a little. I let her settle in and check things out while I inconspicuously captured a few poses. When she realized that she was in the spotlight of her very own photoshoot, she started showing off—she had so many great shots I had a hard time choosing! Since she’s learning to cruise around, I put a couple baby-height props for her to pull up on. Once she figured it out, she looked back at us as if to say, “What’s next?”

When we came out with the pink helium balloons, she oohed and ahhed in admiration, but I think her favorite part of the shoot was practicing walking with her mom and dad.

All of these photos were so great since I had the perfect baby model. I don’t think there was a bad one in the bunch. Happy birthday, sweet girl! Hope this year is filled with adventure!

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