Evanston Wilmette Chicago North Shore Newborn Photographer

Evanston Wilmette Chicago North Shore Newborn Photographer

I’m always behind the camera, never in front. Well sometimes, but it is rare. I enjoy so much taking the photographs that being on the other side happens so infrequently. I often work on personal projects and am in the midst of one now. So, I decided to pursue a self-portrait.

The first I have ever done.

My birthday was last week and I realized that it will be the last year of my 30s. I have never been one to poo-poo the idea of getting older. Rather, I feel grateful for being healthy and having a healthy family. I especially feel this way after seeing all around me the devastation of what illness can do. I suppose I’ll take the wrinkles and bad vision. The knee cracks and the chiropractic appointments.

And so I braved the dark and scary side of the lens. I put on my big girl pants and just clicked the (remote) shutter. Over and over. Yeah, I changed my lipstick color. And I learned what my “more flattering side” was, but I felt better for it.

What I saw astounded me. What I saw on the back end of my camera wasn’t all that bad, surprisingly. And so I wanted to share some frames. Women need to feel ok for letting go sometimes, feel beautiful because they are, not because of what someone implies or says about our exterior. Because when the curtain falls…you are the only one left standing. Just you and your beautiful soul and shell. The shell goes…the soul goes on.  And it deserves to feel the beauty it truly is.

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