Let Them Be Little

After a rip roar of a day, having the kids off from school for Presidents Day, I’m finally sitting down to write my very first blog post. It’s been a snowy, busy, “how many deep breathes can I take?” kind of day.

But today, I was ok with that. I spent hours yesterday evening sitting in bed pouring through some of my favorite photographers’ online blogs and photos, only hoping the same wonder of creativity seeped into my existence. As whattdya know…I dreamt about pictures. Literally. I dreamt of photo after photo…blurry in my mind now as to what those images were, but I was endlessly trying to photograph moments in time.

My dream recollection prompted me to photograph my kids solely in their “let them be little” existence. And I have to say it’s a beauty. A jaw dropping, stunning replica of true life smashed into little moments that are now firmly etched into my memory, with or without a photo.

It made me see every footstep, every diaper change, and every spoonful of cereal as an entire event and not a moment to speed my children up, or to clean them up (so I can go on about my day, of course). My photographic goal for the day, which started as a business goal turned on an emotional lightbulb inside of me. It reminded me and comforted me, that this is what it’s all about….letting them be little.

Here is my ode….

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