Welcome! I am really glad you are here. Every mom deserves a photography experience that offers incredible imagery while also having every detail taken care of for them. A session with Kristin is an investment in unparalled service and high quality custom artwork that you will cherish for decades to come.

Why Moms rave About Our Studio:

-Because experience matters. We are fully trained and have years of experience working with and photographing children and babies.  A critical element to beautiful imagery is lighting and Kristin’s expertise lends to creating and finding beautiful light to compliment you and your littles.

-Safety is our highest concern with our babies and our newborns. We are dedicated to safe practices and creating a loving and safe environment.

-Every detail is planned for you. Kristin carefully walks you through every step so there is no additional work or thinking on your end. From the first consultation to your final delivery, Kristin takes care of every detail and takes the guesswork out of the process.

-We offer wardrobe and in-home style consultations so you feel beautiful and prepared for your session.

-You are presented with a gallery of simply stunning images for you to choose your custom artwork. Kristin guides your designing decisions and assists you in choosing how to bring your images to life.

-You receive a personalized Welcome Gift from Kristin. It is truly lovely!

Kristin’s photography is known for it’s organic beauty and simplicity.

If this describes the type of experience you have been hoping for, then let’s get started!

Please call Kristin @ 312.343.2015 




We photograph families throughout the year in many of Chicago’s beautiful outdoor spaces and in our North Shore studio. You can call 312-343-2015 at any time to check availability and to book a session.

Kristin also offers Exclusive Baby Memberships (limited availability) for clients looking for a year-long experience to document baby’s first year and receive significant membership discounts and benefits.

Call the studio to learn more and set up your initial complimentary Consultation @ 312-343-2015

Receive your sweet Welcome Gift upon booking your session.

Organic & Authentic Imagery

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I believe in creating images that leave an imprint on our hearts. When we see a truly beautiful image it leaves us breathless and we feel the emotion in the photograph. My true purpose is creating these types of images for my families bringing them to life. I love people and love seeing them smile. That is my purpose, to create smiles through photographs.


-I am extremely meticulous!
-Traveling is what I love most.
-When I'm not photographing, you can find me reading or spending time with my little ones.
-Nothing beats dinners home with my family.
-Creating a work/life balance is a work in progress for me!

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